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"At the moment, those undergoing the treatment are between 16 and 53. On average, after only 10 sessions, not only is there great improvement in vision but it is also maintained for at least two years."
Prof Donald Tan, Director Singapore Eye Research Institute and Deputy Director, Singapore National Eye Centre
"This treatment helps the brain to better understand the images the eyes are sending it, rather than altering the images the eyes receive by using corrective lenses or surgically altering the eye itself."
Dr Chan Wing Kwong, Senior Consultant and Head of Refractive Surgery Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre
"For example, select an item in your house that you cannot see clearly. After that, every five sessions, take a look at the object again and you will notice that your vision has become sharper. These are testimonials from patients who have experienced this."
Prof Donald Tan, Director Singapore Eye Research Institute and Deputy Director, Singapore National Eye Centre
"Vision is dependent on two things, how your eye receives the image and how your brain interprets the image. NeuroVision helps the brain to interpret sharper images."
Dr Chan Wing Kwong, Senior Consultant and Head of Refractive Surgery Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre
"Naturally we were quite skeptical about the whole thing, because traditionally, ophthalmologists thought that apart from glasses and surgery, other methods wouldn't work for myopia. But we tried it out, and it did work."
Dr Chan Wing Kwong, Senior Consultant and Head of Refractive Surgery Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre


Bejamin, age 29

"My first step towards a lifestyle free of the dependence on glasses began in July 2005. I had seen a newspaper article on NeuroVision™ and its effect on the wonders of seeing the world in a clearer light.

Skeptical as I was I signed up, having tried many other means to rid myself of the handicap of glasses ranging from vitamins to pin holed plastic devices. I was looking for a permanent way to finally put my contact lenses and spectacles to rest.

Since starting the program I have been pleasantly surprised at the results that it has produced. My eyesight has improved from a 6/24 to a 6/7.5, all in a short span of 5 months! Initially being the skeptic that I was I thought that these fantastic achievements were as a result of the controlled environment at the clinic in which the VA (Visual Acuity) test were carried out.

Unknowingly to myself my ability to see was improving on a day to day basis. It was not until one day when I got behind the steering wheel of a car and drove for a good 10 minutes that I had realized that I had forgotten to put on my glasses. Shocked and tempted as I was to quickly rush my glasses on my face that I figured that I've come this far without it why not just try to complete the rest of journey without it. I was successful and since then I have been driving without my glasses on most days and occasionally at night.

My sight has improved on a day to day basis and on most occasions now when I leave the house, be it to see a movie or just to run an errand it is without the hassle of having to spend 5 minutes to rush and put on my contact lenses knowing that I'll be able to complete my task successfully and confidently without them.

NeuroVision™ has indeed changed the way I look at life now giving me a renewed confidence in my own abilities. The staff at the lucky plaza clinic have been nothing but professional helpful and encouraging. I would recommend this program to anyone who has the will, determination and discipline to want to make a change in the way they see for the rest of their lives."


Irina, age 27

"When I entered kindergarten, it was learned that I was unable to see out of one eye during the required vision tests. My parents took me to our physician who diagnosed me as having a lazy eye. When they patched my eye, it was uncomfortable, looked bad, and really annoyed me, especially because I am a girl. I could hardly see anything. I used to test myself by holding my hand up in front of someone, splitting my view in half. I realized then that I could only see one-half of this person and not the other.

Few years ago, I again went to the doctor but he told me that there was no hope in repairing my vision. This was very hurtful and I felt like I was an incomplete person with only one functioning eye. I was always afraid that something might happen to my good eye. I hoped for a treatment that would at least allow me use of my other eye if such a thing were to happen.

At some point, I went to an ophthalmologist and she informed me about NeuroVision™, a new treatment for lazy eye. She said that I might even gain 6/6 vision! I decided to take the treatment.

The treatment itself was like a game; I felt like a small girl playing on the computer with different kinds of circles. I really had fun. Now, most importantly I can see well with both eyes, and they are very active. I am really enjoying the results and am very happy!"


Yan Ying, age 19

"In today's increasingly myopic society, perfect eyesight is indeed a rare commodity. As such, everyone would jump would at the opportunity to regain their 6/6 vision.

To begin with, I rarely had to use my spectacles except perhaps during lectures where it was vital for me to see the lecturer's miniscule and often untidy handwriting clearer. Still, not having to wear spectacles at all beats having to remember to bring my spectacles everywhere I go hands down any day.

I found the treatment easy to use, though whether the actual exercises are easy is open to debate. The instructions are easy to follow: Click when you see the Gabor patch or Click when you see the darker Gabor patch. However, I found the exercises to be highly challenging as I was forced to view patches which got progressively smaller as the sessions went by.

The results of the treatment have totally surpassed my expectations. While I decided to take the treatment up in the hope of achieving perfect vision, never in my dreams did I imagine I would eventually possess super-vision in my dominant eye. The frequent visual acuity checks provided a useful two-tiered approach. The check charts my progress which then spurs me on to further improve my eyesight.

In the rare case that any problems should arise, the three staff members are always at hand to provide assistance or answer any questions. They are very familiar with various aspects of the treatment and are very patient in explaining what it is you have to do or what is going on.

All in all, it has been a fruitful and splendid experience. For anyone seeking to regain their perfect vision or rid themselves of dependence on spectacles, I would highly recommend this treatment. The time, money and effort required for this, is indeed a worth while investment."

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